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I was sort of expecting this, but battery life (on iPad) kind of sucks. Not dramatically, but noticeable.

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I am kinda excited about all the announcements made today at . Not as much as in previous years but yeah - some pretty cool stuff coming up :)


Last week I got into a spirited discussion w/ from about the value of Electron apps on macOS. Instead of continuing to rant on Twitter, I thought I'd share my thoughts about cross-platform apps as we head into WWDC.



I was digging today in some old emails (old as in from 2002), and I noticed that I used to have this line in my email signature: “Linux registered user #223981” :)

I’m seriously considering getting one of these to replace my dated MBP:

I'm kinda partial to team here (mainly because I really like both their philosophy and their products). But objectively, it's pretty obvious that today's Apple is quite a different company than the one it was a decade ago.


App developer David Heinemeier Hansson is taking on Apple, saying the tech giant is acting like "gangsters" over its app store policies. $AAPL


When you opt for a walled garden expect it to obscure the view:

(I give money to the FSF. Preaching to me about the folly of walled gardens is not needed. My soul is saved, thank you.


Physicists Announce Potential Dark Matter Breakthrough

#physics #dark #matter

Hmm reading this reminded me that they use a Nobel gas (Xenon) in liquid form to detect neutrinos, then reading further on they suggest that neutrinos could be responsible for the signals they are getting.

I'm conducting a short survey on bias within the computer industry.

Only takes a moment and will be part of an article in the coming days. Feel free to forward around!

It is not something FOSS related, but I love what is trying to do with their Hey! app to the whole email paradigm. I am using their flagship product (called Basecamp) for everything work-related and I couldn't be more happy, so I'm looking forward for Hey! :)

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